Matt is a British artist originally from Middlesbrough and now residing in Barnard Castle, Durham. He is self-taught, taking a U-turn after receiving a degree in Mathematics from Warwick University to follow his passion for painting.

His work is primarily the depiction of his love affair with the landscapes and wildlife of northern England. The inspiration comes whilst hiking out in nature, most notably across the national parks of the North York Moors, Yorkshire Dales and Lake District, and occasionally from his travels around the world. He is a keen amateur photographer, using a combination of photos and memories of the scene to create the artworks in his home.

Matt works in both oil and watercolour, finding the contrasting approaches and techniques of the two mediums suitable for different subject matter. He uses a realistic style with attention to detail and more expressive brushstrokes where necessary to emphasise changes in light and weather. He is particularly interested in the changes of colour and atmosphere seen in nature from season to season, sometimes depicting the same scene at multiple different times of the year.

Please get in contact if you would like to enquire about commissions, or with any other questions about Matt’s work.

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